Irish Guards Mark St Patrick's Day With New Mascot

The new regimental mascot of 1st Battalion Irish Guards has taken part in his first official ceremony to mark St Patrick's Day.

Nine-month-old Irish Wolfhound Turlough Mór – known as Seamus to his colleagues – was inspected at Wellington Barracks in central London and presented with the traditional shamrock.

His handler, Drummer Adam Walsh, told Forces News: "It was a massive honour, a massive privilege to have the regimental mascot because he is the face of the regiment, so it's a massive privilege.

"He's a lively character, a very lively character, as he lets you know when he's not getting his own way.

"He's really fun to have around, he is a very playful dog as he's a puppy. He is a really nice dog, probably the nicest dog I've ever met.

"Every waking minute we spend together. We go to the shops together, we do PT [physical training] together, obviously, we go on walks together, basically do most things together."

Irish wolfhound Turlough Mór with his handler, Drummer Adam Walsh.
Irish wolfhound Turlough Mór with his handler, Drummer Adam Walsh.

Usually, the Irish Guards celebrate St Patrick's Day with a parade attended by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but the pandemic has disrupted those plans this time around.

Commanding Officer of 1st Battalion, Irish Guards, Lieutenant Colonel Rob Money, said: "Even this year is a contrast from last year where the battalion was split between Iraq and South Sudan.

"This time last year, I was stood in helmet and body armour, in between rocket attacks in Taji."

It is hoped Seamus will be able to carry out his ceremonial duties this summer, once COVID restrictions are eased.

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