RQ-4 Global Hawk Drone Credit US Air Force 200619

Iran Threatens To Shoot Down More American Drones

A US drone worth more than £78 million was shot down by Iranian forces last week as tensions between the two nations continue to rise.

RQ-4 Global Hawk Drone Credit US Air Force 200619

Iran shot down an RQ-4 Global Hawk Drone last week which they claimed had violated its airspace (Picture: US Air Force).

Iran's naval chief has said the country is capable of shooting down more American drones.

Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi's warning came after a US drone was downed by Iranian Revolutionary Guard Forces last week.

In a meeting with a group of defence officials, Rear Admiral Khanzadi was quoted by semi-official Tasnim news agency as saying Iran can always deliver another "crushing response...and the enemy knows it".

US President Donald Trump last week called off military strikes against Iran in response to the shooting down of a US surveillance drone, after being told 150 people would be killed.

The RQ-4 Global Hawk Drone, which is valued at more than £78 million, was downed on Thursday with Iran claiming it had violated its airspace.

Donald Trump
President Trump warned Iran had made a "very big mistake" shooting down the US drone (Picture: PA).

But the US claims the drone was shot down in international airspace.

President Trump had warned Iran had made a "very big mistake" following the incident. 

However, he also said he appreciated Iran's decision not to shoot down a manned US spy plane carrying 30 people in the same area. 

The RQ-4 Global Hawk Drone is a long-endurance remotely piloted aircraft that provides intelligence and surveillance.