Iran Could Hold Vote Over Nuclear Deal, President Says

Tensions between America and Iran have been rising in recent weeks.

The President of Iran made the announcement on Saturday (Picture: PA).

Iran's president is suggesting the Islamic Republic could hold a public referendum on the country's nuclear programme amid tensions with the United States.

The state-run IRNA news agency reported that Hassan Rouhani made the comment late on Saturday.

Mr Rouhani said he previously suggested a referendum to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in 2004, when he was a senior nuclear negotiator.

Such a referendum could provide political cover for the Iranian government if it chooses to increase its enrichment of uranium, prohibited under the 2015 deal with world powers.

President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the deal last year.

FA-18E Super Hornets take off Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln
F/A-18E Super Hornets prepare to launch from the flight deck of USS Abraham Lincoln which has deployed to the region (Picture: US Department of Defense).

In recent weeks, tensions between America and Iran have risen over the US deploying an aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers to the region over a still-unexplained threat it perceives from Tehran.

The US is set to bolster its military presence in the Middle East with an additional 1,500 troops amid the rising tensions.

President Donald Trump, who previously labelled Tehran "the number one provocateur of terror", told reporters outside the White House the troops would have a "mostly protective" role.

Iran's Foreign Minister condemned the announcement, saying the increase of troops to the Middle East is "extremely dangerous" to "international peace and security".

Meanwhile, an Iranian military official told the Mizan news agency that they could "send these ships [US] to the bottom of the sea along with their crew and planes using two missiles or two new secret weapons".