Internet Goes Bonkers As HMS Queen Elizabeth Sails Into Portsmouth

The Royal Navy's £3 billion HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier has arrived in Portsmouth for the first time - causing a flurry of excitement across social media.

She sailed into her home port just after 7am this morning, with around 100,000 people there to welcome her home.

Videos of the behemoth arriving have already massed tens of thousands of views on Forces News' Facebook page - you can see our timelapse footage above.

And the enthusiasm has been shared by members of the public across social media, who've flooded the web with their stunning pictures of the new carrier...


There were atmospheric shots of the mammoth ship in the morning light:



And ones capturing Royal Navy helicopters flying past her...



Some were more interested in how on earth you'd feed such a big ship:



And others were just happy to be there!



There were shots showing off the carrier's impressive full length:



And others which captured the excitement at portside:



While some showed her towering over Portsmouth's houses:



And of course, there were more crowds!



The coastguard, as ever, were keeping a watchful eye on proceedings:



And there were yet more photos of her impressive size:



We saw her squeezing into the city's waters:



And one Twitter user captured the huge Royal Navy warship in a blaze of morning colour...


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