Armies From Around The World Compete In Annual Military 'Olympics'

The International Army Games 2018 are taking place in Moscow, with 28 nations taking part.

Russia's fourth International Army Games are underway.

Teams from 28 nations are participating in the event which takes place across 24 training grounds in seven countries. 

The two-week long games involve a tank biathlon, fighter jet manoeuvering tournament and an amphibious assault course. 

Russia's Ministry of Defence started the military Olympics tradition four years ago.

Speaking at the formal opening of the games, Russia's Defence Minister General of the Army, Sergei Shoigu, said:

"Each year we see more teams participating in the Games as well as the contests becoming more complicated. 

"However, the only thing that remains unchanged - the spirit of courage, generosity, comradeship that prevails on the mock battlefields.”

Watch the highlights from the Russian Ministry of Defence:

    The games include dozens of military-themed competitions across land, sea and air, including:

    • Tank Biatholon 
    • Suvorov Attack
    • Sniper Frontier
    • Aviadarts 
    • Airborne Platoon
    • Seaborne Assault 
    • Sea Cup 
    • Depth
    • Masters Of Artillery Fire 
    • Gunsmith Master
    • Clear Sky 
    • Confident Reception 
    • Army Scout Master
    • Open Water
    • Safe Route
    • Engineering Formula
    • Safe Environment 
    • Masters Of Armoured Vehicles 
    • Maintenance Battalion 
    • Elbrus Ring 
    • True Friend
    • Military Medical Race
    • Field Kitchen
    • Guardian Of Order
    • Military Rally
    • Warrior Of the Commonwealth
    • Falcon Hunting
    • Road Patrol
    Opening ceremony for International Army Games 2018 (Image: Russian Defence Ministry).
    Opening ceremony for International Army Games 2018 (Image: Russian Defence Ministry).

    Meanwhile, more than 3,000 Nato troops are taking part in exercise Noble Partner 18 in neighbouring Georgia. 

    Forces from 13 countries are participating in the exercise, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States.

    It's the fourth time exercise Noble Partner is being held in Georgia, beginning just a few days before the 10th anniversary of Georgia’s war with Russia.

    Exercise Noble Partner
    German army infantrymen with the 391st Mechanized Infantry Battalion (Image: US Department of Defense)