'An Inspiration And A Hero': Army Officer Remembers Captain Sir Tom Moore

A British Army officer has paid homage to Captain Sir Tom Moore, describing him as "an inspiration and a hero".

The Second World War veteran, who passed away on Tuesday, captured the hearts of the nation when he completed 100 laps of his garden during the coronavirus pandemic – raising more than £32 million for the NHS.

Lieutenant Colonel Tom Miller was part of the honour guard Capt Sir Tom received while completing his 100th lap, and also presented the World War Two veteran with the York Medal and gifts on his 100th birthday.

"I think he has turned, and will be remembered for turning, what is ordinary into extraordinary,” Lt Col Miller told Forces News.

"Through all of his actions, through all of his efforts and through his small acts and how they've been magnified, I think it just shows to everybody that there is always hope," he said.

1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment form a Guard of Honour for veteran Capt Tom Moore
Captain Sir Tom Moore received a military Guard of Honour as he completed his fundraising effort (Picture: MOD).

"And he has been the beacon of light for that hope.”

Lt Col Miller recalled that Capt Tom's "stature grew when there were people in uniform around".

"You could get [the] sense of the camaraderie, his love for his family, his reaction to the soldiers when they provided the guard of honour for him," he said.

"All of those echoes back to his service, and you could see that cheeky smile of, 'I can get after the banter again as I used to do.'"

Following his fundraising exploits, Captain Sir Tom Moore was knighted by the Queen, and also appointed the first Honorary Colonel of the Army Foundation College in Harrogate.

Captain Sir Tom Moore inspecting soldiers as they pass out from the Army Foundation College in his role as honorary colonel
Lt Col Miller said Sir Captain Tom's appointment as Honorary Colonel of the Army Foundation College gave him the chance to "pass on the embodiment" of the Army's values and standards (Picture: PA).

Lt Col Miller said the appointment of Captain Sir Tom to the honorary role was important as it "gave him chance to speak to the next generation and to pass on the embodiment of [the military's] values and standards".

"He provides us with that optimism, that enthusiasm, and you see his connections with his family, the importance of his family, whether that be the service family or your actual family," he said.

"I think that's something that we can miss in the modern-day service."

"Some say that he achieved more in his last year of life than he had done before," Lt Col Miller said.

"I would say that that's only the bits that we’ve just seen, and look how amazing it was."

Numerous tributes have been paid after Captain Sir Tom following the news of his death.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged the British public to clap for Captain Sir Tom and healthcare workers this evening.

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