To mark the centenary of the Royal Air Force, renowned artist, Jeremy Houghton, is drawing four surviving RAF Battle of Britain pilots.

Based out of his Cotswold studio, Mr Houghton has long been commissioned to paint military subjects, as well as tennis players and members of the Royal family.

One of the pilots he is drawing as part of the project is Wing Commander Tom Neil, an air ace who shot down 14 Germans.

Wing Commander Tom Neil

An important part of the process is a 90-minute session that the pair spend together, says Mr Houghton; 

"You are trying to get to get these little anecdotes and snippets which tell you more about their character.

"Then when I'm doing the sketches and drawings of them, it's those little bits of information that inform how the composition might take place."

For Wing Commander Tom Neil, he hopes the project keeps the spirit of the time accessible to future generations;

"If it helps historically, I'm all for it ... I'm just a survivor with medals."

Jeremy Houghton

The paintings will be monochromatic, adding to their timeless quality;

"I didn't want the grand, traditional portrait with them in medals ... I just wanted to focus on their character."

When complete, the drawings will be displayed in London before touring the country. 

Finally, the will be sold in aid of the Air Cadets.  

Jeremy Houghton