Ice Maiden

The Ice Maidens are over halfway through their 70-day expedition skiing coast-to-coast across Antarctica, passing through the South Pole.

They are the first all-female team to attempt this journey, which sees them covering 1,700km, pulling sledges loaded with their kit and supplies, all while battling temperatures of -50°C.

On their blog they said that conditions have started to become a bit more favourable:

"Over the past few days the ice patches have been increasing in size and frequency along with low grade hills which have been making our pulks seem weightless".

However, rations have started to become a little boring:

"Where once we thought the variety of food we had was huge, it has now dwindled in our minds- I am even going off the pork scratchings since I had a hairy one! Sophie and I both detest our morning porridge, so tomorrow we are ditching it for a random Moroccan couscous found in the bottom of a pulk! Such small treasures."

The challenge they are attempting has only previously been completed by one other woman, the explorer Felicity Aston in 2012.  

All of the Ice Maidens are serving in the British Army or Army Reserve and have spent the last two years preparing for this epic journey.