Ice Maidens Expect To Arrive Ahead Of Schedule

Six British military women who are trekking across the Antarctic are expecting to arrive at their destination ahead of schedule.

The Ice Maiden team began their expedition on November 3rd.

Team member, Army Doctor Captain Nics Wetherill, told Forces News' Chris Whitehead what the biggest challenges have been.

Their record-breaking aim is to become the first all-female team to ski from coast-to-coast across the continent.

All of the women involved in the Ice Maiden challenge are serving in the British Army or Army Reserve.

Ice Maidens Expect To Arrive Ahead Of Schedule

The plan is to cover 1,700 kilometres over 3 months however, they have been battling wind speeds of over 60mph and bitterly cold temperatures of around -50c.

The challenge they are attempting has only previously been completed by one other woman, the explorer Felicity Aston in 2012.

Some have described the mission as the ultimate opportunity to show that women have the all-strength required to operate in one of the world’s most hostile environments.