Ice Breakers: Marines Practise Arctic Survival Skills

Royal Marines training in Norway have been helping their US counterparts handle the extreme cold...

Pictures: US Department of Defense.

Royal Marines have been passing on cold weather survival skills to their US counterparts in one of the most demanding environments on earth.

Winter training in northern Norway is considered to be one of the most challenging and unpredictable, where the environment is snowbound for months at a time and full of life-threatening hazards.

US Marine tackles Cold Weather Training in Norway

A major element of Exercise White Claymore involves ice breaking drills, where marines have to deal with the prospect of falling into freezing cold water. 

US Marine trains in freezing water in Norway

Winter training in Norway can last up to three months. 45 Commando Instructor, Colour Sergeant Richard Jefferey, says combating the cold is a constant threat to the troops.

"Once they've got over the daunting prospect of working in the cold it instills in the guys that they can do this"

Every year members of the Royal Marines and Royal Navy deploy to Norway's Arctic Circle to undergo training in cold weather warfare.

Royal Marines help US troops tackle Cold Weather Training in Norway

Thousands of personnel from various countries have participated in Norway's Cold Weather Training exercise, including Canada, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, Switzerland, Finland, Spain and Denmark.