I Am Unconquered - The Powerful Stories Behind Invictus

An RAF veteran and mother of a young girl has opened up about how her daughter saved her life when her house was on fire.

Former Sergeant Michelle Turner tells the gripping story of her daughter Maya's resilience and bravery in an exclusive special programme.

Michelle, who suffers from a serious heart condition as a result of her service, collapsed at home while cooking.

Maya, who was four at the time, phoned 999 for an ambulance, letting the emergency services know about her mum's condition and where they lived.

Michelle Turner

I Am Unconquered’ follows Michelle and Maya's story as well as those of three other Invictus Games athletes, examining their heroic acts and everyday struggles.

Told in their own words, these intimate tales provide an inspirational look into some of the difficulties veterans face and speak of the transformative power of sport.

Listen to the full programme, co-produced by Invictus medal-winning athlete Poppy Pawsey, below:


Dave Watson's life changed forever in 2010 when he was blown up by an IED whilst on patrol in Afghanistan.

He became a triple amputee and was left unsure whether he could have children. 

Yet light can shine through tragedy. While recovering, Dave fell in love with the nurse looking after him.

In 'I Am Unconquered', Dave learns he has become a father and talks about rediscovering his faith. 

Dave Watson

A jazz musician by trade, Poppy Pawsey's love of music saw her join the Royal Marines Band Service.

After developing a musculoskeletal illness she struggled to return to civilian life, following her sudden and traumatic medical discharge from the Marines. 

Not all scars are visible and Poppy knew something was wrong when she fell into a cycle of anger, pain and depression.

Now training for a career in the media with Forces Media Academy Poppy co-produced 'I Am Unconquered' and presents a positive message about her battle with her mental health.

Poppy Pawsey

Former Lance Corporal Martin Tye's patrol vehicle was hit by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan, causing him life-changing injuries.

Afterwards, Martin suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder and shut himself away from his family and loved ones.

He lost the ability to walk after the attack and in 'I Am Unconquered' speaks of his desire to pursue double-above knee amputation to release his pain.

Through his rehabilitation, Martin has gone on to become one of the world's strongest disabled men and competes in strongman competitions around the world.

Martin Tye

You can listen to 'I Am Unconquered' in full on BFBS Radio 1 on Saturday 11th Feb - 13:30 Sunday 12th Feb - 19:00.

You can also listen on BFBS Radio 2 Saturday 11th Feb:02:30 and 10:30.

All times are UK Time.

Michelle Turner Poppy Pawsey Dave Watson Martin Tye

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