Hundreds Of RAF Service Personnel Parade Through Suffolk Town

Over 250 service personnel have taken part in a Freedom Parade to mark the RAFs 100th anniversary...

More than 250 service personnel have taken part in a Freedom parade in Bury St Edmunds, the biggest ever in the town.

For the place more recently associated with the disappearance of airman Corrie McKeague, the event at the weekend was a chance to mark the centenary of the RAF. 

Air cadets and veterans took part in the event alongside serving personnel.

Group Captain David Tait, Station Commander at RAF Honington said he was honoured to be part of the day's event.

"Honour of my life to be in command at RAF Honington during our 100th anniversary and to be celebrating with the local town while we march through is awesome."

RAF Freedom ParadeRAF Freedom ParadeRAF Freedom Parade

Despite the cold, crowds of family, friends and local people stood by to watch the service personnel as they paraded through the town.

Group Captain David Tait added:

"Our links with the local community are really important - RAF Honington has been around for 81 years and we've had such fantastic support from Bury St Edmunds and everybody in Suffolk and it's something we never take for granted." 

Many were proud to see their loved ones.

"The parade is just spectacular - it's a really special event to attend."

Leading Aircraftman James Peach
Leading Aircraftman James Peach carried the prayer candle

Leading Aircraftman James Peach, reflected on the day after he was chosen to carry the commemorative candle.

"Today I was very honored to be able to carry the commemorative candle - the RAF 100 candle that was given from RAF Honington to the Dean at the cathedral."

The prayer candle will be lit every day this year celebrate the centenary of the RAF.