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Hundreds Of Miniature Military Models Go On Display At Alexandra Palace

The 24th London Model Engineering Exhibition focuses on the emergency services and the Armed Forces.

Hundreds of military scale models have been on display in London.

The creations are among more than 2,000 on show at Alexandra Palace for the 24th London Model Engineering Exhibition.

Some of the miniature pieces of art are just 1:1,200 scale.

More than 750 naval ships on display were built by just one model maker, Jack Snary.

"There's every battleship the Royal Navy has ever had and every big gunship they ever had," he told Forces News.

The newest Royal Navy ship produced by Mr Snary is the aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth.

"She was bloody hard," Mr Snary laughed.

"I do my own drawings... there's three pages of drawings of it!"

 24th London Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexandra Palace 170120 CREDIT BFBS
The exhibition at Alexandra Palace runs until Sunday 19 January.

The fleet created by Mr Snary has been valued at more than £70,000.

Each miniature ship is painstakingly built of sheet plastic.

This year's show has been focusing on the emergency services and the Armed Forces.

Alexandra Palace itself has a military link - it was once used as a processing centre for troops rescued from Dunkirk 80 years ago this year. 

The exhibition runs until Sunday 19 January.