Hundreds of Air Cadets Travel to Muster in Scotland

The cadets took to the air in the iconic Chinook.

Hundreds of air cadets from across Scotland, England and Northern Ireland have travelled to Leuchars to get a taste of RAF life.

Pilots at the base took to the skies with air cadets in Chinook helicopters.

One cadet, Oliver said: "I want to get into the RAF when I’m older so I think this is a really good opportunity to see what it’s like."

Another cadet, Abigaile: "It helps to inspire you and remind you why you are an air cadet."

Around 1,500 cadets were able to experience the thrill of taking to the air in the iconic Chinook aircraft, something a lot of them dream about when joining up.

Emilia spoke of the experience: "When you went up, your stomach dropped, I found it quite cool."

The cadets were also able to get a taste of life in the military police.

The Air Cadets Muster coincides with celebrations for RAF 100, with the Air Force hoping the event will inspire future generations.

For some cadets, the experience they enjoyed in North East Fife has made them sure a career in the air force is ahead of them.

Group Captain Jim Leggat: "When people say to me ‘what did the air cadets give me’, I think the two words I say is 'self-belief' and 'determination'."