Hurricane Irma: What The UK Military Has Done So Far

Hundreds of British troops are on the ground as part of relief efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Irma and Jose.


Theresa May has promised a further £25 million of Government funding to help the Hurricane Irma relief effort.

The Prime Minister announced the extra money in the Commons amid criticism of the Government's response to the devastation in the Caribbean.

Mrs May said the new funding was on top of the £32 million already promised to tackle the disaster.

Hurricane Irma

Hundreds of British troops are on the ground as part of relief efforts to help those affected by Hurricane Irma and Jose.

The International Development Secretary Priti Patel says the government's "working at full capacity" in the British Overseas Territories to deal with the aftermath of last week's hurricanes.

The Red Cross are currently in the process of distributing “shelter kits” in Anguilla in a bid to help those left homeless by the devastating hurricane.

Meanwhile, crews from RFA Mounts Bay are also delivering shelter, food and water to those affected in the British Virgin Islands, whilst attempting to restore security to the territories.

There are now 1,000 troops situated in the region to aid the relief effort.

HMS Ocean, which was loaded in Gibraltar with 5,000 hygiene kits, 10,000 buckets and 500,000 water purification tablets, is also currently on its way having left Gibraltar last night.

Hurricane Irma

Immediately after Hurricane Irma hit Anguilla, RFA Mounts Bay arrived on the scene to deliver six tonnes of aid to the islands, restore power to its hospital and clear the local runway.

International Development Secretary Priti Patel said in a statement:

“We have over 40 tonnes of DFID aid in the region, and more aid is arriving every day.

“Our military troops, police officers and aid workers are doing an amazing job on the ground, to get vital supplies to those who need it most.

“To suggest the UK reacted slowly and is not doing enough is just plain wrong. We are leading the way, and other countries, are now coming to us for help.”

Hospital Rebuild

In order to prevent disease from spreading, as is wont to happen in situations such as this, the UK Government has also provided £2.5 million to the Pan American Health Organisation; part of its £32 million total pledge to aid the disaster.

The Government is also being supported by companies in the private sector, including:

• Thomson and Thomas Cook who have delivered over 8,000 buckets on commercial flights

• Virgin, who offered free transport to dispatch relief items including 1776 shelter kits, to Antigua yesterday. Another 288 kits are also expected to fly the same route.

Hurricane Irma