How Six Troopers Saved Hundreds Of People In Las Vegas Shooting

The Las Vegas shooting was the deadliest in modern US history.

While others fled Troopers May, Finlay, Woodward, Astbury, Davidson and Priestly rushed towards crowds to help save the lives of those caught in the Las Vegas shooting.

They helped victims who were seriously injured whilst also escorting shell-shocked civilians to safety, and have each won the award for 'Hero Overseas - Individual' at the Millies 2018.

The incident led to the loss of 58 lives and was the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

Las Vegas

What happened on October 1 2017?

Six troopers, in two groups of three from 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards were enjoying some R&R after a demanding exercise at the US National Training Centre.

Trooper's Woodward, Findlay and May were right by the Tropicana Hotel when they suddenly heard gunshots and screams and saw people running away.

Immediately their Battlefield Casualty Drills training sprung into action and they ran towards the threat.

Initially, they started by helping move the crowds of people away from the threat towards safety.

Whilst doing this they started to find casualties and immediately began to treat the wounded.

One man they crossed had been shot in the lower left back, Trooper Woodward kept pressure on the wound whilst trying to understand nature of the wound: "I was reassuring him that I wasn't going to leave him, I wasn't going to leave him, that was his main concern he thought I was just going to go and I kept promising that I wasn't going to go anywhere.

"A minute or maybe two minutes passed and he wasn't very responsive at all and a short while after that there was just no response from him at all."

Sadly the man could not be saved and died.

Trooper Woodward then continued to help, treat and reassure other causalities.

Las Vegas

Meanwhile, Trooper Findlay had moved to treat a woman who had been shot in both legs, he quickly implemented his medical training, making an improvised splint for the broken leg.

Not only did the Troopers help the panic-stricken public but Trooper May volunteered to assist the FBI team who suspected another gunman was hidden in the Excalibur hotel.

May and an off-duty medic moved forward with them to help extract people to safety while the FBI team cleared the building.

Troopers Priestly, Astbury and Davidson were in another hotel restaurant when people burst in screaming, some with gunshot wounds.

Trooper Astbury recalled helping one woman: 

"She had been shot in her cheek and in her leg, the lads helped me carry her outside and when we got outside there were loads of ambulances out near the front, across the road, so we carried her over to there."

They immediately moved to assist, either shepherding people to safety or treating casualties often using the causalities own clothing to try and stem the bleeding.

For over six hours the three of them treated casualties or triaged them at a nearby ambulance collection point.

The circumstances of that evening were extraordinary.

Lance Corporal Dean Priestley tried to describe how he felt in the aftermath of that night: "There was no real sort of emotion until after when you sort of sit there and recap.

"I learnt a bit about myself that day which is how you would actually react in a situation, you never really know until you have to go into one of those situations yourself."

None of the troopers had previously deployed on operations and therefore were not used to seeing gunshot wounds and yet they displayed great courage and utter selflessness in deliberately advancing towards the threat, moving people to safety and treating casualties.

Their actions are a perfect example of how junior soldiers should perform.

ITV's I'm A Celebrity runner-up Emily Atack, who presented the award with SAS: Who Dares Wins star Ant Middleton, said: "It absolutely blows my mind, I could sob right now.

"What they do is so incredible ... risk their lives without even thinking about it."

Ant Middleton said: "We are the most elite fighting force in the world. These guys are setting history."