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How Much Does It Cost To Train A British Army Soldier?

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The UK has revealed how much it costs to train a soldier in the British Army.

New figures released by the Ministry of Defence show the cost per individual going through basic training at the Army Training Centre in Pirbright.

It comes shortly after it was confirmed the Army is set to meet its recruitment target for the first time since working with Capita.

The course at the Army Training Centre is 14 weeks long - the shortest basic training course for regular soldiers.

The average cost of basic training for a soldier who passes is just over £38,000, with that cost being made up of the following, per trainee:

  • Manpower: £16,200 This is the most costly expense to the British Army when transforming recruits into soldiers, and is described as "direct and indirect manpower costs" for both military and civilian staff.

  • Trainee salaries: £9,000 The second-largest outlay is paying the trainees themselves. Each Army recruit undergoing basic training course in Pirbright earns £9,000.

  • Infrastructure: £8,000 The third largest cost per trainee soldier goes towards their accommodation and training facilities.

Other outlays include £1,900 on clothing for recruits, administration costs of £1,800 and £800 on infrastructure.

When it comes to hitting the mark, each trainee will go through £400 worth of ammunition during the 14-week course.

This works out at a total cost of £38,100 per trainee who goes through the Army Training Centre, with that outlay based on 1,695 completing basic training.

The Government says there may be further costs not shown that are "captured under the greater Pirbright establishment output".

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