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How Many Boxer Vehicles Are On Order?

New data has been published, revealing how many Boxers are on order by role and by build configuration.

Boxer Vehicle rear view DATE UNKNOWN used on 060121 CREDIT British Army.png_.jpg

A defence minister has said the UK is looking to "enhance and uplift the size of the total UK Boxer order", as more detailed information was released about the programme.

Jeremy Quin, Minister for Defence Procurement, was asked by Tobias Ellwood, Chair of the Defence Committee, to provide details of the variants and their respective numbers.

Mr Quin confirmed that a total of 523 Boxer vehicles are currently on order.

These vehicles include armoured personnel carriers, equipment support, command, control, communication, computer and information (C4I) and ambulances.

Details of the variants of Boxer currently on order by quantity.

Specialist Carrier Vehicles (SCV) make up the majority of the total order, with 200 vehicles split between Engineer Section Vehicles (60), Recce/Fire Support Vehicles (62), Mortar Carrying Variants (28) and ES Repair (50).

C4I variants with Command Post building configurations amount to 177 of the total order, split between Command & Control and C2-Utility Vehicles (123), Observation Post Vehicles (19), Beyond Line of Sight (24) and Electronic Warfare & SIGINT (11).

The remaining 146 vehicles are respectively 85 Infantry Carrying Vehicles and 61 Ambulances.

Production on the Boxer has started in Germany with the vehicles due to be delivered in 2022 and be ready for service the following year.

The United Kingdom re-joined the Boxer programme in 2018.

Since then, the country has committed £2.8bn to the delivery of more than 500 Boxer vehicles to the Army.

The Boxer, an 8x8, all-terrain, armoured British Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) is due to enter service from next year.

As part of "modernising" plans for the Army's land vehicles, the Boxer will replace the capability currently offered by the Warrior.

A long-planned upgrade to the Warrior has been cancelled, with the armoured vehicle being retired by the mid-2020s.

Cover image: British Army.