How Does Christmas Mail Get To RAF Akrotiri?

Mail is dispatched to the base several times a week.

The Royal Air Force has been showing how they sort mail for those living at RAF Akrotiri in time for the Christmas period.

The festive mail arrived into Cyprus on a C-17 from RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.

The RAF has eight of the aircraft which it uses to transport people and cargo worldwide.

How Does Festive Mail Get To RAF Akrotiri?

The festive mail arrived into Cyprus on a C-17 from RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire. More:

Posted by Forces News on Friday, 28 December 2018

Each aircraft can carry 45,000 kilos of payload and the RAF uses a specialist vehicle called an Atlas to transfer cargo off the aircraft.  

“At the moment we’ve got to marshal in the Atlas,” explained Corporal Zac Wilson-Pope.

“Just so it’s good for the pallets to get onto the Atlas and then we’re going to put the explosive over to the bomb dump, just so we can refuel the aircraft.

"Then we’ll crack on with the rest of the load."

Christmas Mail From Brize Norton 271218 CREDIT BFBS.
A C-17 flown in from Brize Norton.

In total, the process takes about 90 minutes and is repeated several times a week at Akrotiri.

"On 99 Squadron we’re really proud to be able to support exercises and people, certainly when they’re away from home at Christmas time," said Flight Lieutenant Craig Cunningham.

“At Brize Norton we recognise that it’s not just about getting gifts out to people but it’s also about families being able to engage with loved ones who are away at this time, and that’s hugely important for all of us."

From the C-17 the cargo is then taken to a hangar where it is offloaded and sorted by hand.