How do you build a full-size WW1 replica tank? Using a Haynes manual, of course!

A military enthusiast has built his very own static model of a First World War tank using a Haynes manual. 

Isaac Gouge remembered an earlier school trip to Verdun which ignited his interest after seeing a Mk4 land vehicle in a period-correct environment on display.

"I remember telling myself... yeah, I gotta have one of those... I was maybe 13 years old at the time, and now at 40 I finally decided to go ahead and make that childhood dream a reality!" he said.  

He has created many smaller projects before, like a tank bike and other vintage-inspired custom creations, but this was his first larger piece.

The most remarkable part of the story is that he created it all from a manual he purchased in 2018.

Mr Gouge explained: "I searched the internet high and low for blueprints only to find very low-resolution side and top renderings, and I really needed legible measurements. 

"Ultimately, I found the Haynes manual and inside the front and back covers were clean, crisp and useable SAE (Standard American English) measurements, not to mention the great colour photos of used and abused operational examples."

Isaac Gouge building his very own static model of a First World War MK1-5-ish Tank DATE UNKNOWN CREDIT Isaac Gouge .jpg
Isaac Gouge in the process of building his very own static model of a First World War tank (Picture: Isaac Gouge).

As a child, Isaac's love for militaria was encouraged through his family's forces connection, being stationed in Strasbourg, France, and being surrounded by static tanks all over the city.

The whole process took several months over winter to complete, costing $3,200 (more than £2,300), and is now proudly displayed on his front lawn, creating quite an attraction for his neighbours.

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