Horsing Around: Forces Saddle Clubs Enjoy Trip To The Beach

The UK's only two remaining military saddle clubs joined forces for a special event on the South Coast. 

The first Thorney Island Equifest brought together members of the Royal Artillery Saddle Club and the Royal Artillery Equestrian Centre.

The clubs provide an important service for serving personnel and their families - from supporting riders competing at a high level down to the young dependants having their first outing on a pony.

Equifest was an opportunity for some of the forces' children, as well as a few of the ponies, to have their first experience of riding on the beach.

Sergeant Megan Wildish from 14 Regiment, Royal Artillery said:

"They are going to be a little bit excited and they might do some neighing noises."

Equifest Horse Riding Beach
For many, it is their first experience riding on a beach.

It was also a chance for the bigger horses and more experienced riders to get galloping.

Major Harriet Chapman from the Royal Artillery Equestrian Team said:

"This is an opportunity for our saddle club horses, as well as the riders, to experience riding in different environments.

"These saddle club horses enable junior riders, who don't own their own horses, to get involved at the lowest levels of Army sport and progress through the development squads."

It is hoped Equifest fosters greater co-operation between the military saddle clubs and helps inspire the next generation of military horsemen and women. 

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