Horrors Of Auschwitz Were 'Out Of This World'

Forces News spoke to a Holocaust survivor on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

An Auschwitz survivor has spoken to Forces News at a ceremony commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp.

Lily Ehbert was 14 years old when she and her family were taken from Hungary to Auschwitz.

Her mother, brother and sister were killed, but Lily was spared along with two of her sisters.

"I have to describe a place that you cannot describe," she said of Auschwitz.

"It was a place out of this world."

She told Forces News that the experience left her "really numb", because for many people who survived the horrors of the camp, "could not move on" because it was "impossible."

Ms Ehbert said "it was a miracle" to survive Auschwitz and be able to tell the story.

Asked if she ever thought she live to talk about what happened at the concentration camp, Ms Ehbert said she never expected it.

If somebody would have told her, when she was a prisoner, that she would survive, she said she would have told them they were "mad".

"We would not believe that even one of us will survive."

Attending the Holocaust Memorial Day 2020, Ms Ehbert said it meant "a lot" to her.

"It means a lot - firstly that I survived, secondly that I see that you have still people who are interested [in survivors' stories]."

"It is a very important thing that something like [the Holocaust] should never, ever be forgotten."

"The problem is, quite a lot of people did not know about it," she added.