Anonymous British troops

Hong Kong Veterans Appeal For UK Citizenship

Veterans in Hong Kong who served in the British military have met with the Home Secretary to appeal for UK citizenship.

Anonymous British troops

Veterans who served in Her Majesty's Armed Forces in Hong Kong have met the Home Secretary to appeal for UK citizenship.

Two hundred and ninety-five Hong Kong British Army veterans were denied UK passports when the former colony was handed back to China in 1997.

Those from Hong Kong who joined the armed services were allowed to apply for British citizenship before the handover but the numbers were restricted and based on a points system.

Andrew Rosindell MP and Alain Lau speak outside the Houses of Parliament.

A delegation, led by Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell, urged the Home Secretary Sajid Javid to reverse the refusals, to right an 'injustice' to soldiers from Hong Kong who gave up to 18 years service to the British Army.

"After Windrush, I know Sajid [Javid, Home Secretary] is determined to ensure justices are resolved and this is an injustice," Mr Rosindell explained.

"I was delighted that he [Mr Javid] greeted us so warmly today and left us with at least a glimmer of hope that he will look at this policy, to see if this Government can find a solution, to restore the British nationality to those that lost it all those decades ago."  

Veteran Alain Lau, from the Right To Abode Campaign, said: "We're not just working for ourselves, we are working for the veterans left behind."

The delegation included two former Hong Kong soldiers representing the group of 295 who are backed by a public petition signed by 100,000 people and organised by 38 degrees which is a campaigning community.