The Hometown Goat Leading The Armed Forces Day Parade

It will be Shenkin IV's first Royal public appearance...

He was chosen to train with 3rd Battalion, The Royal Welsh Regiment and now he has returned home to lead the national Armed Forces Day parade through his hometown.

Fusilier Shenkin IV gave the regiment the runaround on the Great Orme in Llandudno after being granted permission by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to select the new regimental goat.

And on Saturday for the national event he will lead the parade through the town from which he was selected.

It will be Shenkin IV's first Royal public appearance.

Shenkin IV The Goat

Shenkin IV's handler, Goat Major Sgt Mark Jackson said:

"He is a little bit cheeky, and he is very friendly.

"So I hope that when it comes to the parade he will prove his weight in gold."

Shenkin IV The Goat

The tradition of the regiment having a goat as a mascot goes back 160 years to the Crimean War.

During a rainy night in the war, a goat that a soldier had befriended alerted the regiment to an enemy advancement, saving hundreds of lives.

The story made its way back to Queen Victoria and when the regiment returned to Britain, the Queen presented them with a goat and told them that the animal will always be their regiment mascot. 

You can see Shenkin IV's first Royal public appearance live on Forces TV, Saturday 30th June at 11am.