Cover Image: HMS Trent sails into Portsmouth harbour (Picture: Royal Navy).

HMS Trent Arrives In Portsmouth For First Time

Cover Image: HMS Trent sails into Portsmouth harbour (Picture: Royal Navy).

The third of the Royal Navy's new second-generation patrol ships has visited Portsmouth for the first time.

HMS Trent arrived after undergoing a maiden voyage in the hand of her ship's company from Clyde.

The offshore patrol vessel underwent her first round of sea trials over the summer and is set to be commissioned into the Royal Navy next year. 

Lieutenant Commander James Wallington-Smith, HMS Trent's Commanding Officer, said: "Today is an important milestone in HMS Trent’s journey. 

"It is a great privilege to be the ship's first commanding officer and I am proud of what has been achieved thus far.

"Trent now enters the next phase which will see her develop into a warship, being made ready for sustained patrol operations in the new year."

Crowds take pictures of the ship as she arrives in Portsmouth (Picture: Royal Navy).
Crowds took pictures of the ship as she arrived in Portsmouth (Picture: Royal Navy).

It has taken more than five years for HMS Trent to delivered to the Navy.

Once commissioned, the ship will be responsible for tasks including fishery protection, anti-smuggling, border patrols, counter-terrorism and counter-piracy.

Sister ships HMS Medway and HMS Forth have already entered the fleet with Forth currently on her way to the Falkland Islands to takeover from HMS Clyde.

HMS Clyde, which has been patrolling the waters around the Falklands for the last 12 years, is set to return home to Portsmouth last this week.

The final offshore patrol vessels, HMS Tamar and HMS Spey, are still to be delivered.

Cover image: HMS Trent sails into Portsmouth Harbour (Picture: Royal Navy).

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