HMS Trenchant Returns To Devonport For Last Time Ahead Of Decommissioning

The nuclear-powered submarine was welcomed into Devonport Naval Base for the final time ahead of her decommissioning.

Royal Navy Trafalgar-class submarine HMS Trenchant has returned to Devonport Naval Base for the last time ahead of her decommissioning after 35 years in service.

The submarine flew her paying off pennant and a number of her crew 'went up top' to line the casing as she sailed into the base. 

A water salute was also sprayed over Trenchant, the oldest submarine in the fleet, in recognition of her long and esteemed service.

The 85-metre nuclear-powered submarine was launched in 1986 by war hero Vice-Admiral Sir Arthur Hezlet, the commander of the original HMS Trenchant submarine during the Second World War.

Two ice patrols were some of the biggest highlights of HMS Trenchant's career.

HMS Trenchant will be decommissioned from the Royal Navy later this year (Picture: Royal Navy).

In 2016, the boat punched through the ice and emerged on the surface of the Arctic Ocean.

This marked nearly a decade since a British boat had carried out this manoeuvre, re-generating the Submarine Service’s under-ice capability.

While in 2018 in the harsh environment of the North Pole, HMS Trenchant broke through the ice in an exercise with the US Navy.

As the submarine pulled alongside her jetty, she was welcomed by the Captain of the Submarine Flotilla and a previous commanding officer.

Cover image: HMS Trenchant sails into Devonport Naval Base for the final time (Picture: Royal Navy).