HMS Sutherland Completes 'Intense' Arctic Training

One Royal Navy officer described Exercise Cold Response as "invaluable" preparation.

HMS Sutherland has completed "intense winter training" in the Arctic Circle ahead of a NATO deployment.

The Type 23 frigate is now set to join a NATO task group that patrols northern European waters, the Royal Navy said.

HMS Sutherland worked alongside Norwegian and Dutch forces during Exercise Cold Response, providing protection to amphibious forces landing on Norway's coastline.

The Navy said the Type 23 spent the "majority" of the training on a "heightened state of readiness", focusing on anti-submarine warfare. 

Weapon Engineer Officer, Lieutenant Commander David Tinsley, said the exercise was "invaluable" preparation.

A picture taken from HMS Sutherland during an air defence exercise (Picture: Royal Navy).

“The Arctic environment set a number of challenges not just for the operations room, but for the engineers on board," he said.

“The weapons, marine and air engineering teams have had to contend with sub-zero temperatures and have stoically kept equipment at high-readiness, dealing with challenging issues when deployed at reach.” 

The ship also participated in air defence exercises.

HMS Sutherland will now form part of NATO's Standing Maritime Group One (SNMG1) where she will remain on high-readiness to respond to any crises in the region.

The group is mainly made up of frigates and destroyers.

Cover image: HMS Sutherland during her Arctic training (Picture: Royal Navy).