HMS Queen Elizabeth (Picture: Royal Navy).

HMS Queen Elizabeth's First Operational Deployment To Be Alongside Dutch Warship

HMS Queen Elizabeth (Picture: Royal Navy).

A Merlin takes off from HMS Queen Elizabeth (Picture: Royal Navy).

The British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, which has been conducting flight trials off the east coast of the United States, is expected to be joined by a Dutch warship during her first deployment in 2021.

The Dutch ship will form part of the Carrier Strike Group which is set to be a key part of NATO's defence capability in the future, according to the Royal Navy.

The Netherlands will also sign up to the UK’s Call for Action on Modern Slavery.

Tomorrow, the Prime Minister Theresa May will thank the Dutch for their help in exposing cyber attacks carried out by Russia's GRU when the King and Queen of the Netherlands visit Downing Street. 

The First Sea Lord also revealed one of the F-35Bs involved in flight trials with HMS Queen Elizabeth required a repair to its fuel pipe.

Admiral Sir Philip Jones, the First Sea Lord further spoke of the relationship between Britain and the Netherlands:

"It symbolises the strong link between us.

"But also they have really credible and capable warships - who we train.

"And whom we work with regularly in NATO task groups and in other coalition forces, so I know they bring high-end capability, I know they come with a commitment to work hard to integrate into the group and they'll be a very valued added item."

The Prime Minister will also acknowledge the defence and security cooperation between the two countries, as negotiations with the EU over a deep security post-Brexit continue.

Mrs May said: "The Netherlands is one of our closest allies, as our recent work tackling cyber security threats demonstrates.

“As we leave the European Union, we will continue to stand side by side to defend against threats to the global rules based system.

"I’m pleased to announce that the Dutch navy will be among the first nations to join the Carrier Strike Group as a sign of our ongoing cooperation."

The aircraft carrier has been conducting flight trials with the F-35B off the coast of the US (Picture: MOD).
The aircraft carrier has been conducting flight trials with the F-35B off the coast of the US (Picture: MOD).

Ahead of their lunch at Downing Street, the Dutch King and Queen will watch a display of Dutch-UK naval capability from Royal Marines of both countries on HMS Belfast and HNLMS Zeeland.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the Royal Navy's largest ever ship at a cost of more than £3 billion.

It weighs 65,000 tonnes and its flight deck is 280 metres long and 70 metres wide - enough space for three football pitches.

On Wednesday, the carrier says goodbye to its outgoing Commanding Officer, Commodore Jerry Kyd, who is handing over to Captain Nick Cooke-Priest.