HMS Queen Elizabeth Gibraltar MoD

Moving Fur-ward: HMS Queen Elizabeth's 'Cat' Posted Ashore

A mysterious 'stowaway cat' hiding on the biggest warship ever built in Britain has now found a new job.

HMS Queen Elizabeth Gibraltar MoD

HMS Queen Elizabeth in Gibraltar for her first overseas port visit in February 2018 (Picture: MoD).

A mysterious stowaway cat hiding on the biggest warship ever built in Britain has been posted ashore.

HMS Queen Elizabeth has furry friend onboard with its own Twitter account, aptly named 'Ship's Cat'.

But fear not, because the animal is only fictitious.

While animals were banned from ships in 1975, creating imaginary feline social media escapades was not. 

The 'cat' tweeted: "Someone called ‘Drafty’ just phoned & said that I’m going to be “posted off @HMSQnlz”.

"This doesn’t sound right. I’ve just been to the 3F post office to check and I definitely won’t fit through the slot in that letterbox."

HMS Dragon, one of the Royal Navy's Type 45 destroyer, immediately offered to take on the fictional animal, tweeting:

"We've been 'hard gapped' a Ship's Cat for a long time..."

Ship's Cat replied: "Is there an actual dragon on board? And if there is, any chance that it’s a cat-loving vegetarian dragon? Asking for a friend."

"Just the two on the bows and the 220 (cat loving) dragons in No. 4s. Not all vegetarians, but they prefer cheesy wam-bams and good steaks to anything more ‘exotic’," HMS Dragon replied on Twitter.

The 'cat' will now get a desk-based role with its own 'mouse':

The Twitter profile has been included in Forces Network's list of the most entertaining military accounts.

It has been posting updates on the life on the ship since January 2018, when HMS Queen Elizabeth was getting ready for sea trials.