Captain Angus Essenhigh on HMS Queen Elizabeth 140120 CREDIT HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH
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HMS Queen Elizabeth: Carrier's Third Captain In 10 Months Appointed

The appointment of Captain Angus Essenhigh comes as the ship gears towards beginning operational deployments.

Captain Angus Essenhigh on HMS Queen Elizabeth 140120 CREDIT HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH

Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has appointed its third captain in the space of 10 months. 

Captain Angus Essenhigh has been appointed as the fourth-ever captain of an aircraft carrier that is not yet ready for operations.

He takes over from Commodore Steve Moorhouse, who has been appointed Commander of the UK Carrier Strike Group.

Cdre Moorhouse replaced Captain Nick Cooke-Priest as the ship's commanding officer in May, after he was "reassigned to a new role".

Capt Essenhigh's appointment was announced by HMS Queen Elizabeth's official Twitter account.

"[Capt Essenhigh] will lead us through operational training with National and International partners and onto deploying Carrier Strike Capability operationally in 2021," the announcement read.

HMS Queen Elizabeth returning to Portsmouth
HMS Queen Elizabeth arriving in Portsmouth in December (Picture: Royal Navy).

Capt Essenhigh said it was a "huge honour" to be made captain.

"I join at an exciting time for the ship following a very successful operational test deployment with UK F-35 off the east coast of the USA last year, and as she continues her development towards the first operational deployment in 2021," he said.

Capt Essenhigh previously served as the Commanding Officer of ice patrol ship HMS Protector and Type 45 destroyer HMS Daring.

Last month, the £3 billion warship returned to her home base of Portsmouth after undergoing flight trials with British fighter jets for the first time.

The ship is expected to begin operational deployments next year.

Cover image: Captain Angus Essenhigh (Picture: HMS Queen Elizabeth).