HMS Queen Elizabeth visits New York

HMS Queen Elizabeth Leaves NYC With New CO

Captain Nick Cooke-Priest takes over from Captain Jerry Kyd as the carrier continues flight trials.

HMS Queen Elizabeth visits New York

HMS Queen Elizabeth arrived in New York last week (Picture: Ministry of Defence).

The Royal Navy's biggest warship has left New York after a week-long visit to continue its deployment along the US east coast.

The visit by HMS Queen Elizabeth followed three weeks of flight trials on the deck of the aircraft carrier with F-35B Lightning jets for the first time.

At the time the ship’s Commanding Officer, Captain Jerry Kyd, described the trials as a symbol of Anglo-American collaboration.

“This visit is very symbolic of the intimate relationship the Royal Navy has with the US Navy and Marine Corps and comes at the mid-way point in the F-35 flight trials."

Captain Nick Cooke-Priest has taken over command of HMS Queen Elizabeth
Captain Nick Cooke-Priest has taken over command of HMS Queen Elizabeth. (Image: Twitter/HMS Queen Elizabeth)

The visit has also brought to an end Captain Kyd’s role as the first Commanding Officer of HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Command has now been handed over to Captain Nick Cooke-Priest who will take the future flagship through her second spell of Lightning trials.

Recently the aircraft completed its first ever Shipborne Rolling Vertical Landing.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is expected to return to Portsmouth later this year.