QE arrives in Gibraltar

HMS Queen Elizabeth Leaves Gibraltar After First Overseas Visit

First overseas port visit by Royal Navy future flagship...

QE arrives in Gibraltar

The Royal Navy's biggest warship has completed its first visit to an overseas port.

HMS Queen Elizabeth left Gibraltar after a short break to refuel and take on supplies before continuing her trials. 

Upon her arrival, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said the visit was a milestone for the world-class vessel.

"I'm sure our friends in Gibraltar will be proud to see our future flagship sail through British waters into their famous port."

HMS Queen Elizabeth Arrives in Gibraltar

HMS Queen Elizabeth is currently undertaking rotary wing trials, where information will be taken about landings, take-offs and manoeuvres in differing weather conditions.

HMS Queen Elizabeth

The Royal Navy said on leaving Gibraltar HMS Queen Elizabeth will return to sea to conduct helicopter trials with specially equipped Merlin and Chinook helicopters.

HMS Queen Elizabeth Arrives in Gibraltar

The current tests will be followed by flying trials of the F-35B Lightning II off the east coast of the US in the summer.

Images courtesy: Royal Navy.