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HMS Queen Elizabeth Honours Her Majesty's Coronation With 'Alternative' Gun Salute

Her Majesty The Queen's namesake Royal Navy ship has marked 67 years since her coronation at Westminster Abbey with a modernised gun salute.

One of two Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth fired its close-range Phalanx weapon system to mark the anniversary.

The technology, welcomed on board the ship in 2018, represents a capability far more advanced than those available on 2 June 1953, when Her Majesty was crowned at Westminster.

The official HMS Queen Elizabeth Twitter account posted the video, adding: "Normally we would 'Dress Ship' to mark the occasion.

"Today, as we are at Sea, and conducting Gunnery, we give an alternative Gun Salute in lieu."

The Phalanx, built to empty a 1,550-round magazine at 4,500 rounds-per-minute toward incoming missiles and aircraft, was used to mark the 67 years since the Queen's 1953 coronation.

Joining the Auxiliary Territorial Service during the Second World War, the then-Princess Elizabeth became the first female member of the Royal Family to join the military full-time.

Cover image: HMS Queen Elizabeth firing the Phalanx weapon system to mark 67 years since The Queen's coronation (Picture: @HMSQNLZ/Twitter).

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