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HMS Protector makes new feathered friends in Falkland Islands

The Royal Navy’s only Ice Patrol Ship is conducting maintenance while alongside the Falkland Islands getting ready for Antarctica.

HMS Protector has tweeted images of her new penguin neighbours while she has been alongside the Falkland Islands. 

In August, HMS Protector set sail for the Antarctic in a deployment that the ship's company believe could see them make Royal Navy history.

Protector, the Navy's only icebreaker, will be making her first visit to the frozen continent since 2019 to continue her work supporting scientists from around the world who are studying the impact of global warming.

By heading into both polar circles and crossing the Equator in a single year, personnel on board HMS Protector believe they could be achieving a Royal Navy first.

HMS Protector 'warmed up' for work in sub-zero temperatures by sailing into the Arctic in June to practise crunching ice, venturing further north than any Royal Navy vessel within recent memory – just 1,050km from the top of the world.