HMS Mersey Helps Stricken Yacht In Solent

The vessel deployed a seaboat, five minutes after receiving a call for help.

Royal Navy ship HMS Mersey has helped a stricken yacht in the Solent whilst she was training at anchor.

On Sunday, the River-class offshore patrol vessel deployed a seaboat to assist the yacht that had made an urgent call after heading into difficulties.

The seaboat crew helped the Elizabeth Star set up a tow with another yacht that had also responded to the signal. 

The boat was then towed into Gosport Marina. 

Able Seaman Orin Mann, the seaboat coxswain, said: "If it wasn’t for the teamwork of Mersey’s ship’s company and the crew of Sailing Grace, then things could have been a lot worse."

The crew of the Elizabeth Star got into difficulty after losing steering in Spithead. 

Lieutenant Commander Will Edwards-Bannon, HMS Mersey's Commanding Officer, said he was "very proud" of his team's response.

Earlier this month, HMS Mersey helped shadow a Russian submarine as it travelled through the Strait of Dover and into the North Sea. 

HMS Mersey deployed a seaboat to help the stricken yacht (Picture: Royal Navy).

Cover image: HMS Mersey (Picture: Royal Navy).