HMS Lancaster Returns To Portsmouth

The Type 23 Frigate returned to her home port of Portsmouth on Sunday after weeks in the Arctic.

HMS Lancaster has returned to Portsmouth after weeks working in the challenging waters of the Arctic.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic and with COVID-19 restrictions in place, no official homecoming was laid on when the ship arrived on Sunday, but residents who were out and about waved her in.

The Type 23 frigate gained valuable experience in operating in sub-zero temperatures and also worked with Norwegian allies during her deployment.

In the Arctic, HMS Lancaster performed a night-time replenishment at sea, where stores and fuel were loaded from another ship.

The ship was also lucky to see an Orca pod while in the High North.

close-up crew HMS Lancaster waves as they enter Portsmouth 061220 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
Because of coronavirus restrictions, no official homecoming was laid for HMS Lancaster.

More recently, HMS Lancaster was one of several Royal Navy vessels to escort and monitor Russian naval traffic.

She closely tracked the Steregushchiy-class corvette Boikiy in the English Channel, using her Wildcat helicopter to gather intelligence.