HMS Hurworth To Become One Of Navy's 'Most Advanced And Capable Minehunters'

The ship has docked in Portsmouth to undergo her first refit in seven years.

HMS Hurworth is set to undergo a refit that will make her "one of the most advanced and capable minehunters" in the Royal Navy.

The ship, which entered service 35 years ago, has now returned to HM Naval Base Portsmouth - seven years after her last major refit.

BAE Systems will carry out the work which will include an upgraded combat system, the Navy said in a statement.

Lieutenant Commander Neil Skinner, the ship's Commanding Officer, said: “We’re looking forward to seeing HMS Hurworth at the conclusion of a refit which will keep her at the forefront of mine warfare for years to come and a return to overseas operations.”

HMS Hurworth has sailed nearly 47,000 nautical miles since her previous refit - almost far enough to complete two laps of Earth.

The ship has been deployed across the UK and northern Europe, and has also escorted Russian warships through the English Channel.

The refit, which includes modernising living accommodation areas, is set to be completed next year, according to the Navy.

The minehunter will then undergo extensive sea trials and regeneration training before deploying to the Gulf.

Cover image: Library picture of HMS Hurworth (Picture: MOD).