HMS Grimsby on NATO mission off Norway

HMS Grimsby Finds 18 WWII Bombs During Minehunting Mission Off Norway

Bombs and mines were found in the hunt for dangerous World War Two ordnance off the city of Oslo.

HMS Grimsby on NATO mission off Norway

HMS Grimsby has found 18 bombs and mines off Norway while working as part of a NATO minehunting force.

Ships from five nations are attached to the alliance's Standing Minecountermeasures Group 1, whose task it is to keep the waters of northern Europe safe.

The vessels searched parts of the 60-mile fjord, which leads to the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

During Germany's occupation of Norway during World War Two, bombers were known to deposit their payloads into the fjord, with the area also being heavily mined.

In the fortnight-long effort in Oslofjord, the NATO force located 38 pieces of ordnance, 18 alone found by Grimsby, 15 British air-dropped mines, plus three British bombs.

HNLMS Willemstad, BNS Bellis, FGS Donau, HMS Grimsby and HNoMS Otra - the five ships which have been part of the NATO minehunting force (Picture: Royal Navy).

HMS Grimsby's specialty is hunting in deep waters, and the ship was called in due to the fjord being up to 164 metres deep in places.

"It is fantastic to work with our NATO allies and friends – it feels like we are a band of brothers," said Lieutenant Jim Marsh, HMS Grimsby’s Operations Officer.

Grimsby's Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Tom Gell also praised the cooperation in the minehunting force

"The group is a really good example of NATO nations working together to help secure sea lines of communication and keeping the high seas safe," he said.

Cover image: Royal Navy.