HMS Forth seen from Weddell Island Falklands 150720 CREDIT Royal Navy.jpg

HMS Forth Joins Army And RAF For Falklands Exercise

HMS Forth seen from Weddell Island Falklands 150720 CREDIT Royal Navy.jpg

The Royal Navy's HMS Forth has joined the Army and RAF for a combined exercise in the Falkland Islands.

The exercise was held on Weddell – the third-largest of the 778 islands that make up the Falklands – but also one of the most remote and least populated.

Weddell, which sits off the west coast of West Falkland about 130 miles from the capital Stanley, is privately owned and the military had to receive permission before beginning the exercise.

As HMS Forth made her way towards the island, the RAF's A400M transport aircraft provided reconnaissance.

The aircraft confirmed the route chosen was clear for the ship to dispatch Pacific 24 sea boats and disembark riflemen from A Company 1st Battalion The Rifles.

They are the latest Army unit to deploy to the Falklands as the Roulemount Infantry Company.

Because of its size and few inhabitants, the island was an ideal setting for the Rifles to run through their section manoeuvres.

"The remote location of the island provided an excellent training area for a joint land, air, sea exercise," said Lieutenant Commander Sam Fields, HMS Forth’s Executive Officer.

A Company 1st Battalion The Rifles troops on Weddell Island Falklands during exercise 150720 CREDIT Royal navy.jpg
Weddel's size and few inhabitants makes it ideal for military exercises (Picture: Royal Navy).

Typhoon fighter jets from No.1435 Flight also took part in the exercise.

The aircraft worked alongside the Riflemen who practised their communication and signalling skills with the jets.

HMS Forth was used throughout the exercise as accommodation by the troops.

Every few months, all three services based in the Falkland Island take part in a combined exercise.

Cover image: HMS Forth seen from Weddell (Picture: Royal Navy).

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