HMS Duncan Deploys To The Mediterranean

Sailing for warmer waters; HMS Duncan will take over in the NATO’s Standing Maritime Group 2.


HMS Duncan has deployed to the Mediterranean to take over as flagship of NATO’s Standing Maritime Group 2.

The Type 45 Destroyer left Portsmouth Naval Base yesterday mid-morning to resume the role after a three-month stint in charge last year.

Working alongside the UK’s NATO partners she will conduct defence engagement activities through a series of high profile exercises.

Once completed, HMS Duncan will take up the UK’s standing commitment in the Gulf Region.

While in the Gulf she will provide a reassuring presence, conduct maritime patrols and protect busy shipping lanes.

HMS Duncan will also work other countries on several exercises before returning to her home port later this year.

A Wildcat helicopter based at RNAS Yeovilton is also on the deployment.

Last year, HMS Duncan became the first Royal Navy ship to visit the Ukrainian port of Odessa in eight years.

The visit followed an announcement by the then Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon, that the UK is expanding its training of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with new military courses on countering threats from snipers, armoured vehicles and mortars.