HMS Dragon joins French navy's biggest exercise of the year

Six navies are taking part in Exercise Polaris 21, as well as 25 warships, support vessels, submarines and French carrier Charles de Gaulle.

HMS Dragon has joined the French Navy for its biggest exercise of the year.

Split between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, Exercise Polaris 21 combines every aspect of combat at sea.

This includes carrier operations, anti-submarine warfare, mine clearance, amphibious landings, cyber threats and the latest drone technology.

Watch: HMS Dragon arrives in Gibraltar after 'testing' exercise with the French navy.

The Type-45 destroyer will be joined by 25 warships, support vessels and submarines from a number of navies for the two-week test of the French fleet.

In all, more than 6,000 personnel, two dozen ships, one nuclear submarine, Navy Rafale jets and French land and air forces are involved in the exercise.

Navies from Spain, Italy, Greece, and the US are also set to take part in the exercise.

The force is spending the first week 'warming up' and getting to know each other, before Exercise Polaris becomes more demanding, focusing on the French Carrier Charles de Gaulle battle group.

It is the third time this autumn the Royal Navy and Marine Nationale have worked together.

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