HMS Diamond

HMS Diamond Aborts Mission After "Breaking Down"

HMS Diamond has had to abort her mission to the Persian Gulf and head home early after breaking down...

HMS Diamond

HMS Diamond has had to abort her mission to the Persian Gulf and head home early after breaking down.

Just two months into their nine-month deployment, the £1 billion Type 45 destroyer reportedly had problems with propulsion.

Staff on board were unable to repair the issue causing it to cease the mission.

This is the latest in a long line of issues facing Britain’s most advanced warships since they entered service eight years ago.

The ships built by both BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce have experienced issues with the engines, especially when out in warm water.

In a blow to the Royal Navy, five out of the six Type 45 destroyers are already kept in Portsmouth harbour, and that will soon presumably be all six.

When HMS Diamond arrives home all the ships will be out of operation due to routine maintenance, staff shortages and engine problems.

HMS diamond

According to the Royal Navy website, HMS Diamond was due to:

“Be working with international and NATO allies to protect some of the world’s busies shipping lanes, keeping them free from criminal activities.”

However, currently, there isn’t thought to be another ship that could sail to replace HMS Diamond as the flagship in the NATO deployment.

This means that Britain is unable to complete the commitment in place with allies in the Gulf region, a rare occurrence for the British navy.

The Times reported that HMS Diamond is due to dock within the next ten days and that a source said that while the failed task was a disappointment, at least the crew would have an unexpected Christmas with their families.

A Royal Navy spokesperson said:

“We can confirm HMS Diamond has experienced technical issues but we do not discuss the detailed materiel state of our operational ships and are unable to comment further.”