HMS Collingwood Marks 80th Anniversary

HMS Collingwood looks set to develop its training approach while remembering its iconic history.

Commemorations have taken place in Hampshire to mark the 80th anniversary of HMS Collingwood in Fareham. 

The service also honoured those who served at the base.

HMS Collingwood is the largest naval training centre for Royal Navy recruits as they go through their stage two and three training.

On January 10, 1940, it was set up to train wartime conscripted sailors.

Eighty years on, the chapel of St George with St Gabriel is still standing.

The current captain of HMS Collingwood was joined by several of her predecessors - including former Chief of the Defence Staff, Lord Boyce.

He reflected on his time of service and how training units were spread across the county before HMS Collingwood was launched:

"When I joined the Royal Navy there were a number of training establishments scattered around Hampshire for anti-submarine warfare, gunnery or for navigation," Lord Boyce said.

"Now it's all centralised here so this is actually at the heart of the Navy."

Today, HMS Collingwood is home to the Maritime Warfare School, which incorporates both warfare and engineering training.

Around 1,700 personnel and more than 1,100 civilians are at the base at any one time.

Captain Catherine Jordan, Commanding Officer, at HMS Collingwood, said the base is looking to "modernise" its training:

"We are going through a modernisation programme.

"We're looking at different ways of teaching so that everyone benefits."

Capt Jordan added that they're looking at having people manage their own training journeys as part of their changes.