HMS Argyll Prepares For Pacific Deployment

The crew on HMS Argyll are making their final preparations before they deploy first to the Gulf before moving onto South Korea and Japan.

The Type 23 frigate will sail from Plymouth on Monday for a nine-month deployment.

With her go 200 Ship’s Company, her Royal Marines, a Wildcat aircrew and American exchange officer.

hms argyll

The Pacific hasn't been a stomping ground for the Royal Navy in years but that changed in 2018 - HMS Sutherland and HMS Albion already operating in the region.

The deployment was announced by the prime minister last summer in the wake of provocative missile launches by North Korea.

HMS Argyll will spend time in Japan, exercising with Japanese troops – believed to be the first time for non-US military personnel on Japanese turf.

hms argyll deploys

HMS Argyll’s crew have been undergoing sea trials and training in preparation for the historic deployment east.

The Duke-class frigate will return home to the UK in the spring of next year.

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