Assault ship's crew pushed to the limits during operational sea training

HMS Albion weighs in at 19,560 tonnes and is capable of 18 knots top speed with a range of 8,000 nautical miles.

HMS Albion's crew have been tested to the limit during Fleet Operational Sea Training – a tough programme of scenarios designed to push the ship's company.

The Royal Navy's High Readiness Amphibious Assault Ship is designed to quickly get hundreds of people and cargo to their destination be that in conflict – or for humanitarian reasons. 

And that is what is being tested by the FOST (Fleet Operational Sea Training) organisation in Devonport.

The 178m-long amphibious assault ship weighs in at 19,560 tonnes and can reach a top speed of 18 knots with a range of 8,000 nautical miles.

She is capable of carrying hundreds of Royal Marines and sailors, trucks, tanks and supplies on board, and can be deployed not just at the quayside, but over potentially vast areas. 

The Fleet Operational Sea Training began at Scraesdon Fort in Cornwall, an abandoned Victorian building, inland and high above the sea.

HMS Albion's FOST training culminated this weekend with a humanitarian and disaster relief exercise, helping the people of Freeport recover from fictional Hurricane Andrew.

With the completion of the FOST exercise, HMS Albion's freshly tested ship's company will head to the waters off Norway for a major NATO exercise.