HMS Albion leaves UK for month-long Arctic exercise

One of the UK's amphibious assault ships has left Devonport to spearhead Exercise Cold Response in Norway.

HMS Albion, known as the Royal Navy's 'Swiss Army Knife', delayed by a day due to strong winds, has left Devonport to lead British personnel in their role during the month-long sea, air and land drills.

Royal Marine Commandos will be among those facing temperatures as low as -30°C, testing cold weather capability in the Arctic Circle alongside NATO allies who are relied upon heavily by Norway in light of potential Russian aggression.

HMS Albion will lead the UK's amphibious involvement in NATO's Norwegian-led NATO Exercise Cold Response 2022 from March to April.

It involves 35,000 personnel from 28 nations, with allied warships and aircraft working closely together as the task force tests its ability to protect the High North from modern threats.

Watch: Exercise Cold Response in 2020.

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