HMS Albion Holds Virtual Service To Remember Falklands Tragedy

Six men were killed when Argentine aircraft sunk a British landing craft in 1982.

Sailors and Royal Marines from HMS Albion have filmed a virtual service to remember those killed in a Falklands War tragedy.

Six men died when landing craft Foxtrot Four sunk on 8 June 1982.

The craft was attacked by Argentine aircraft as it transported vehicles to help troops in the closing stages of the liberation of the South Atlantic islands.

On the same day every year, Foxtrot Four’s parent unit, 4 Assault Squadron Royal Marines, holds a memorial service to mark the event, which was not possible in its usual fashion this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

You can watch the full virtual service at the bottom of this page.

HMS Albion, the Royal Navy’s flagship, took over the ceremony duty in recent years from HMS Fearless.

The vessel is currently undergoing maintenance in Plymouth, coronavirus restrictions ruling out plans to invite families on board.

An adapted, virtual remembrance service was recording by serving 4 Assault Squadron members with contributions from relatives.

Colour Sergeant Brian Johnston, commander of UK landing craft Foxtrot Four (Picture: Royal Navy).

Before the attack in 1982, Foxtrot Four had rescued more than 100 men from HMS Antelope, shortly before the frigate exploded.

Bill Parry was 18 years old when he became one of those 100 and described the landing craft commander Colour Sergeant Brian Johnston as "the bravest man he never got to thank".

The effort was one of many notable acts of bravery by the commander and his crew.

In addition to the service, the craft was replaced and renamed Foxtrot J, short for Johnston.

Captain Peter Laughton, Albion’s Commanding Officer, said: "It is entirely fitting that each year we take time to reflect and pay tribute to the crew of Foxtrot Four. 

"We pay tribute to their selfless commitment, their courage, their heroism and sense of duty. 

"They are an inspiring example to us all."

Foxtrot Four remains the only unlocated wreck from the Falklands War.

You can watch the full virtual service on HMS Albion's YouTube channel.

Cover image: Royal Navy.