(Picture: Little Troopers).


Highs And Lows Of Military Life Shown Through Eyes Of Forces Children

Families from across the services have submitted real-life photos for the 2020 edition of a military charity calendar.

(Picture: Little Troopers).

A charity has released its 2020 calendar with photos showing life through the eyes of forces children.

'Little Troopers' has produced the collection of real-life images, which have been submitted by families from across the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force.

The charity aims to support children with one or both parents serving in British military.

The pictures offer a glimpse into special moments, ranging from sad goodbyes to joyous reunions.

More than 100,000 youngsters have a connection to the Armed Forces in the UK.

(Picture: Little Troopers).

Children from military families can have parents who are constantly sent away on overseas deployments, exercises or other commitments.

Little Troopers founder, Army veteran and military parent, Louise Fetigan, said:

"These images encapsulate the special bond that military children have with their serving parents and behind every photo is a heart-warming story.

"It’s easy to forget that this is still a big part of day-to-day life for military families, many of whom will be spending October half term without their loved ones."

Have a look at some of the special moments captured in the calendar's photos (Pictures: Little Troopers).