Highlanders Hit Exercise Wessex Storm On Salisbury Plain

The 4 Scots are working their way through hostile woodland in Wiltshire.

Soldiers from The Highlanders, 4th Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland have been put through their paces on Salisbury Plain. 

They have been taking part in Exercise Wessex Storm.

With the sun rising over Salisbury Plain, troops emerged in formation, ready for an assault on a woodblock hosting an unknown enemy presence. 

For an hour, Alpha and Delta Company planned their efforts to regain control of the area, shrouded under the cover of woodland trees.

Brushing through the overgrown terrain at first light, they entered the shadowed environment - advancing slowly.

It is the culmination of the warfighting aspect of the eight-day exercise, before the group embark upon operation-specific training.

Lieutenant Colonel Tim Draper, Commanding Officer of 4 SCOTS, said:

"Mechanised infantry tend to be the people who deal with complex terrain.

"So today, what we've had is two companies fighting through quite a difficult piece woodland just to make sure that we've got the skills, drills and techniques."

Troops on Exercise Wessex Storm are tackling warfighting training urban training areas and downland.

The unmistakable sight of flares and smoke sparked the attack.

Delta made progress in a flat line, careful not to overload either flank as multiple targets are eliminated. 

As the left flank waited for the right to catch up, there's an opportunity to regroup.

Delta Company's Highlander Gregor Cameron was responsible for the resupply of ammunition and monitoring casualties, explaining how the formation "always changes" - dependant on the number of casualties taken.

Driving the enemy out of the Assesment Objective is one thing, but keeping them out requires a high level of team cohesion.

Highlander Cameron says this has been developed during Wessex Storm:

"Through the days..you start to bond better, get the moral higher and you feel like you feel proud about doing the job."