Special forces

Jungle, desert, the Arctic and an English pub – all under one roof

Could this facility in Hereford, used to train emergency services, the UN and militaries, house the most dangerous street in the world?

A training facility built by Pinewood Studios – where you can be in an eastern European street one minute, and Africa the next –  is housed in an industrial estate in Hereford.

Set up by a former Special Forces member, the facility covers 16,000 sq feet, and houses 11 'dangerous' places under one roof and is used for training the emergency services, the UN, aid workers, and militaries from all over the world.

The facility creates realistic scenarios with a great level of detail, including the smells, the texture of clothes and the accents of the voices in the street.

As well as creating realism for training, it's also hoped that having these experiences for the first time in a safe environment might reduce the impact of PTSD in the future.